Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Been so Quiet...

It's been ages since I've posted anything on here!

I guess I've got some explaining to do...

Well, amongst the usual madness that is life, for the last few weeks I've been finishing off a semester at uni which has kept me so busy I have barely quilled at all. But on Friday I had my last exam for the semester so I can finally breath and get back to quilling! Yay!

Oh, but there is one other thing that's kept me busy...

You see ladies, I....AM PREGNANT!

Yes! I'm due in May, and we are over-joyed about our little one. The whole family is very excited, it's going to be a big new adventure for us all, with there being four first-time grandparents, one first-time aunty and three first-time uncles!

I'm lucky, so far this has been a very healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness was involved for most of the days of my first trimester, but now it seems like it is easing up quite nicely. I have to eat every two hours or I turn white and feel all faint, but that's managable with an emergency musli bar in my bag at all times. And I am bigger, my tummy isn't quite at that round pregnant belly yet, so I guess you couldn't say I'm showing yet, but it's certainly bigger than it has ever been in my whole life; none of my pants fit anymore!

My big craving isn't a weird food combination like many women get, but I do get the craving every day, and if I don't eat it everything else I eat makes me feel a bit sick, so I've learned to just do as my body tells me. And the craving is bananas!

Due to this craving, we've been joking that I may be having a monkey (teehee), so when I was wandering through the markets this morning I saw this and COULD NOT leave it there...


It'll be a long time before someone is filling this out, but come on, how CUTE is it?!! Its the very first thing I've bought for the baby, so I think as soon as our little one has outgrown it I'll be framing it and hanging it on the wall as a special little memento. But not before I've taken fifty photos of our little one wearing it of course. 

We have officially decided that we won't be finding out the gender until the baby is here, so until then we are referring to him/her as Little Buddy, or LB. Those of you who know me and Matt personally will know that this is because Matt and I often call each other buddy :)

Everyone's having fun guessing if its a boy or a girl, but so far the guesses are pretty evenly divided. I don't care quite frankly. I just love it either way.

So there you go. Is that a sufficient excuse? Oh well, if it isn't I'll be busy making lots of quilled goodies this week and I'll post lots of photos to make it up to you.

Meanwhile, doesn't our cottage look stunningly beautiful right now?

The new paint job is a major improvement.

And inside its just heavenly.


xNata & LB!