Saturday, April 24, 2010

MADEIT SHOP CLOSED 24th April-2nd May

My Madeit Shop is Closed from today, Until the 2ND of May.

Okay, I know this is silly, but now that my shop has been open for like, four days or whatever, I'm temporarily shutting it down while I go on holidays.

Well, it isn't quite how it sounds. The holiday has been planned for months, the whole opening a shop thing didn't even become a definite thing until like a month ago. And I was going to wait until after our holiday to open it, but I was excited and didn't want to wait. Now I'll have to live with the embarrassment. But it's worth it, because I've been working a lot, with university full time, and this shop thing, I've been very busy, pretty much every day for two months now. And my husband longs to teach me how to fish, so how can I deny him that joy?

Am I scared I will end up being the one who gets a hook through their finger? YES. But I've made a commitment and I will not flake out, so to speak.

But I remind you, on the 2ND of MAY I will be at the PETRIE MARKETS with my aunty Rosey , selling a lot of the items displayed both here, on my Facebook page, and in the flikr photostream to the right of this post. The 2ND of MAY. 8am-2pm. There. Selling. Come. Buy things. Point and laugh at me while I make chit chat with customers.

I keep the items I sell at the markets and the items I put up on separate, so none of the items on there are going to disappear on Sunday at the market, but everything else might.

If there is something you've seen that you like, you'd better show up early in the day to get it, because I can't guarantee some early bird won't take it before you've had the chance. Bring your friends, family, llamas, whoever you want. It's a great place.

I will leave you with photos of the stuff that will be for sale in my market.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

RenataClarkeDesigns on madeit

I've Made it!!! *pause for eye roll at cheesy line*

Items are now up for sale on my madeit shop!!! Yay!!! Please take a moment to go and check it out, just click on the link below or on the 'visit my madeit shop' button to the right.

RenataClarkeDesigns on madeit

Still waiting on the business cards sadly :( I hope they arrive tomorrow, I'll be out of town most of next week :/ wouldn't want them to get left on the doorstep, and what if it rains *slight panic*, but I will post when they finally arrive.

I'm going to go have a cup of tea before I stress myself into a stupor.


Monday, April 19, 2010

To Market, To Market

Yay! The time is approaching for me to pack up my goods and sell them! This week sometime I will be posting some items on my online store (will post to announce this momentous happening once it has...happened), and on the 2nd of May I will be at the Petrie Markets with my lovely aunty Rosey selling our wonderful creations in our very own stall! Come down and see us Brisbane dwellers, the markets are on a beautiful location (details below) and we'll be there, so you know you'll have someone to chat to and pretty things to buy.

Time: Sunday 2nd May 8am - 2pm
Where: Old Petrie Town, Dayboro Rd, Petrie
How Much: Free entry

Here's a preview of a few more items I will be selling there

Flying Ladybug Card

Teddy Bear Love Card

Peacock Card (one of my favourites)

See, my talents do go beyond flowers and butterflies! there's other bugs and animals and stuff too :)

So busy in the weeks leading up to this (if you count going on a fishing holiday as busy -- but I will be quilling like a mad woman between fishing lessons!), I have a university assignment due at the end of this week, then my husband is in the ANZAC march here in Brisbane (that's right, he'll be on tv and everything!), and on that same day, after the parade we will be driving off into the sunset to Burrum Heads for a fishing holiday. Looking forward to it, but I will still be trying to get lots of stuff done to sell at the markets.


I've been informed that my very first set of business cards is being shipped to me as I write this, so will post soon to show you those too :D

Until then,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flower Power Baby!

I am a girl. A girly girl. Now as any girly girl knows, it is a rule that to be one, you must love flowers. And I do.

The proof is in my artwork:

They make me happy. Buy them and they'll be making you happy!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weird Thing With Butterflies

I have had many weird experiences with butterflies, particularly in the last few years. One landed on my arm as I was standing out on the deck at my mum and dad's house once, one flew by my face and it's wing touched my nose, things like that. Sometimes they fly towards me and go past narrowly, one even came up, circled around me twice and then flew away! They seem to head straight for me, maybe I smell like pollen, I don't know.

here's one that followed me inside after I hung the washing out one day last year.

And here's one sitting on the handle of my front door while his little friend flew around him. He sat there for about fifteen minutes and the other one would go away, comeback and hover and then go again. Fascinating.

Another butterfly encounter happened today, as I stood out the front of my house talking to my lovely husband. This huuuuuuuge black and white butterfly, with just a few bits of orange at the bottom of his wings, flew straight at me, then turned and flew past us both, then went and sat on a flower, which tipped over because the butterfly was so huge. It was almost the size of my hand. I've never seen one that big in real life before. Beautiful.

Didn't have my camera with me though. Oh well.

This thing with butterflies has gotten me a bit transfixed by them. Suddenly, they are appearing in my art.

In watercolour paintings

And on cards, in quilling paper. I'm currently working on one like this bottom one, with greens as the colour scheme. It will be going into a deep photo frame to be sold.

So what is it with me and butterflies? Am I made of pollen? Do I resemble a large flower? Or, is it like my aunty says, my lovely sister Tegan saying hello? What ever it is, I love them.

More soon,


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yes, once again the blog of Renata has shed its skin and come forth in new and brilliant colours!

Though that change is minor in comparison to others. For instance, we say goodbye and thanks for the memories to the name 'Nata's Little Place', and welcome in the new and exciting era of 'Renata Clarke Designs'. A tad more grown-up in looks and name I say.

With a new title comes a new heading picture, a photo of me taken a few years ago with my beloved pink parasole, which I have turned into a silhouette. Better, do we agree? I'm feeling this is a lot more me anyway.

I haven't been paying attention to this blog at all for months. I think the wrong name and the wrong look were throwing me off, and so I was just avoiding the place all together. In these months of ignoring my blog, I have been doing all sorts of crafty things, which I will update you on soon, lots of photos coming. I am intending to start up an etsy shop and begin selling my creations.

So stay tuned folks (assuming I haven't lost you in cyberspace thanks to the new web address :/ ), because this place is finally getting interesting.