Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weird Thing With Butterflies

I have had many weird experiences with butterflies, particularly in the last few years. One landed on my arm as I was standing out on the deck at my mum and dad's house once, one flew by my face and it's wing touched my nose, things like that. Sometimes they fly towards me and go past narrowly, one even came up, circled around me twice and then flew away! They seem to head straight for me, maybe I smell like pollen, I don't know.

here's one that followed me inside after I hung the washing out one day last year.

And here's one sitting on the handle of my front door while his little friend flew around him. He sat there for about fifteen minutes and the other one would go away, comeback and hover and then go again. Fascinating.

Another butterfly encounter happened today, as I stood out the front of my house talking to my lovely husband. This huuuuuuuge black and white butterfly, with just a few bits of orange at the bottom of his wings, flew straight at me, then turned and flew past us both, then went and sat on a flower, which tipped over because the butterfly was so huge. It was almost the size of my hand. I've never seen one that big in real life before. Beautiful.

Didn't have my camera with me though. Oh well.

This thing with butterflies has gotten me a bit transfixed by them. Suddenly, they are appearing in my art.

In watercolour paintings

And on cards, in quilling paper. I'm currently working on one like this bottom one, with greens as the colour scheme. It will be going into a deep photo frame to be sold.

So what is it with me and butterflies? Am I made of pollen? Do I resemble a large flower? Or, is it like my aunty says, my lovely sister Tegan saying hello? What ever it is, I love them.

More soon,


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ittybittyandpretty said...

this post absolutely confirms my beliefs! your sister is around you all the time but she has to make you aware every now and again...just to remind you :)
love you renata and love that you are creating a great life for yourself. cant wait to be selling our wares side by side. i to have business cards and online shops to keep stocking, it really is time consuming isnt it?! i love every minute of it.
big kisses, talk soon about the date of our first stall!