Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ain't Love Grand...

Hello blog world!

I know I know, it's been forever since I posted. Only 26 weeks pregnant (as of tomorrow) and already the kid is running the show. I've been christmassing, then busy with child preparation and an illustrating project I might blog about one day, then sick, but now I've managed to squeeze a bit of quilling into my crazy life and just enough time left over to blog about it! Hopefully these pockets of crafty time will continue to pop up.

Well, as Monday is Valentine's day and tomorrow is my own special celebration of love, this batch of cards is all about love hearts. Tomorrow will be 9 years since the day that my lovely husband first asked me to go out with him *pause for gushing and awwwws*. It was via text message, in the middle of a black out, and the rest is history. The thought that next year we'll have been together for a decade and I'll have a baby in my arms is mind blowing.

And so, as my mind and the minds of many turn to love in the next couple of days, I've managed to quill some simple, yet very pink cards which I will somehow magically get to the shop by tomorrow.


I'm a bit rusty after such a big break from quilling so I thought I'd keep my designs simple and just emphasis the theme of love.

I've used up a great deal of my pink supplies with this theme, but now that I've found myself a new quilling paper supplier that shouldn't be a problem. It just means that I get to go shop for more!

The colour of this heart gives me a headache, but I'm sure someone out there loves hot pink and would be overjoyed to recieve this crazy bright heart from the one they love.

I don't know why but this one is my favourite. Simple but sweet.


I wish you all a very romantic week, and I'll be back soon with more goodies when time smiles on me again.