Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea House, Hair and a new Pretty

I have a new Tea house! no, I don't mean a place where I go and drink tea, I mean this:

Tee hee! I love it, isn't it so cute? You just put your tea leaves inside, and it's got a little chain attached to the top with a hook on the end, so you hook that over the side of your cup and away you go! Mmm...

I haven't had any form of dye in my hair for about 8 years, that is until yesterday! I got highlights put in, blondish ones! Click on the photo for a better look. My husband loves them, I'm still getting used to it though.

You can see them better there. And yes I am taking the photo myself, so it's off-centre. Oh well.

And finally, today I made myself a new pretty! Years ago my mummy went overseas with my aunty, and while she was there she bought me some venician glass in Venice (obviously), and I've been stuck on how to use them for a while, but yesterday I went to my bead supplier and discovered these springy little links, and instantly knew just what to do. so here it is! Apart from the purple bead and the blue love heart the beads are the ones from venice. I bought the other two myself, and have plenty more of them. The rest are one of a kinds though, so I can't replicate this exactly. I could do something like it though.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Jewellery

I said I'd put more of the jewellery that I make on, so here it is. If you see anything you like, let me know and I'll get my Etsy shop organised so that you can get 'made to order' jewellery, you can order a certain style in a certain colour combo and everything :D

For a better look just click on the photos.

This set is called "Wish", and here it is in the colour scheme of 'Delight'.

These are in the style 'Diva', and colour scheme 'sparkle'.

The necklace is in 'lady' style, the earrings in the small 'dangly', the colour scheme of both is 'romance'.

Now I bought these earrings from Target, and I loved them but I couldn't find any necklace to go with it, so I made this choker to match. it is czech glass, and beads of the semi precious stone hematite. I really love this one.
If you have any earrings or a necklace that you can't find a match to, I can, so let me know.
This necklace is in the style 'Stellar', the earrings are in 'mini', and the colour scheme 'Magic'. Take a close look at the pendant when you click on it, it is sterling silver wire with a cluster of swarovskis inside.

This Necklace is in the style 'Joy', colour scheme 'party'. It's all swarovski, including the pendant, and I can get the pendant in any colour and match the rest to your liking.

Style is 'dance', colour scheme is 'pretty in'.

Mmm, chocolate...oh sorry. lost my train of thought. Necklace style is 'Float' and the earrings are in 'poise', colour scheme 'Chocolate'.

style is the medium 'dangly', in the colour scheme 'glamour'.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been tagged!

My lovely aunty Rosie has tagged me, it is my first tagging so bare with me. Aparently I have to put the fourth photo from my fourth photo folder on my blog, and then choose four other people to tag as well. I don't know many bloggers yet so this has been quite a challenge, and so I apologise to the two bloggers I have tagged that don't really know me, but I think your blogs are great, and that everyone who reads this should go and check them out.

So, here are my four selections, made after much deliberation:
1. Linda from Lilly Cottage
2. Melissa (my beautiful mummy) from Everyday Miracles
3. Lucy from Lucy Bloom
4. Agapanthus (my gorgeous aunty) from Mad Cow Moments

Now for my photo:

I can't believe the weirdness that this is the fourth photo in my fourth photo folder. From left to right, we have My mum (tagged person number two), Mama, my great grandmother, me when I was about four I think, and Agapanthus (tagged person number four)! Isn't that weird??? I apologise if the two of you find this photo in any way embarassing, but rules are rules. This is from Christmas day, I don't remember it perfectly but I seem to remember it being a really great day full of laughter, and how can you not laugh when you're wearing one of those silly paper hats?

so there you have it, I was tagged.



Friday, January 9, 2009

Jewellery Making Fun

Noticed the change of title for my blog? No? Well it's different okay.

The reason I started this blog was to have somewhere to showcase my crafty stuff, in particular jewellery and all things beady.

Jewellery is not my best seller, but I do love making it and occasionally come up with a winner, so let me know if you like something. I give people jewellery as gifts a lot, a lot of which I wish I had taken photos of (oh well). But here are the things I've made that are a part of my jewellery collection.
Let's start with my two favourite pairs of earrings:

I call this style 'Darling' in the colour combo 'Denim Rose'. They are part of my favourite set, but unfortunately the necklace got damaged in a vacuuming incident, so I need to re make it. I'll upload a picture when I've fixed it.

These are in the 'Truly' style, in the colour combo called 'Grace'. I haven't made a matching necklace because these are so pretty and delicate that I actually prefer to wear them on their own.

'Sweetie pie' in the colour combo 'champagne kiss'. I have the stuff to make a necklace for this but I haven't made the time to actually do it. The photo doesn't show the colour too well, its a soft pink crystal on the top, a champagne coloured crystal in the middle, and a white pearl at the bottom.

So there are a few items to start with, this is a bit of a to be continued. All of these are made with sterling silver hooks and crimps, and all of the pearls and crystals are swarovski. You may notice that all the earrings in my personal collection have hooks, this is because I like them and I find studs really uncomfortable (I must have fat earlobes), but trust that I can easily make these in studs for you, and in pretty much any colour.

I'll leave you with one of my sets, there are lots but I'm short of time, I'll add the rest another day.

The necklace is in the style of 'Wild Child', and the colour combo is 'Oceania'. The earrings are in 'droplet' style.
To be continued...

x nata.

*since writing this post, I've ditched the cutsey names for my jewellery pieces and colourings. It's too lame and confusing. But I'm leaving this up because the jewellery is nice and I love making it. Jewellery may or may not at any given time (ie, depending on whether I've posted recently or they've sold off), be available on my madeit shop, so check it out if you like what you see.*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell '08

The new year is here everyone, and before moving on to the exciting year ahead, I just want to close 2008 with a review of the year gone by, the final shots of Christmas, and a few pics of the great gifts I recieved from various loved ones.

Well lets see, in 2008 I turned 22, left my job of three years to persue the advancement of my career, did temp work in a few interesting places, got married to my love of over six years, and many other fun adventures. I have to say with all of the ups and downs the year brought, it was a pretty damn good year.

And Christmas 08 was wonderful, one of the best I've ever had. Our first Christmas as a married couple was spent with the extended family on my mother's side on Christmas Eve, Christmas day was spent with my husband's extended family, and Boxing Day was spent in Toowoomba with my family and my dad's parents, my beloved Gran and Pop.

From my husband, along with a 12 month subscription to Writer's Digest magazine:

And I must say, what wonderful, generous people my husband and I are lucky enough to have as family. Just look at some of the amazing gifts we recieved:

My wonderful mother in law made all of this for me, truly beautiful stuff, she's very talented. My favourite is the table weights, aren't they cute?!

From my lovely mum, dad and little brothers we got wii music, some very generous bunnings gift vouchers, along with some personal stuff to each of us (jewellery for me, barbeque apron and recipe book for him) and this ornament for our tree:

I got some cupcake candles from my beautiful sister in law:

(so cute!)
And this tree ornament from my lovely aunty Rosie , which I believe she bought for me from Lilly Cottage , which is a beautiful shop:

So many other things were given by so many wonderful people, we are very lucky.

And before I end this post I must update you on our manger, which is now full and looking very cute.

The shepard looks a lot less lonely now doesn't he?

So goodbye to 2008, it was a great year, and here's to many more. Happy New Years everyone.