Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell '08

The new year is here everyone, and before moving on to the exciting year ahead, I just want to close 2008 with a review of the year gone by, the final shots of Christmas, and a few pics of the great gifts I recieved from various loved ones.

Well lets see, in 2008 I turned 22, left my job of three years to persue the advancement of my career, did temp work in a few interesting places, got married to my love of over six years, and many other fun adventures. I have to say with all of the ups and downs the year brought, it was a pretty damn good year.

And Christmas 08 was wonderful, one of the best I've ever had. Our first Christmas as a married couple was spent with the extended family on my mother's side on Christmas Eve, Christmas day was spent with my husband's extended family, and Boxing Day was spent in Toowoomba with my family and my dad's parents, my beloved Gran and Pop.

From my husband, along with a 12 month subscription to Writer's Digest magazine:

And I must say, what wonderful, generous people my husband and I are lucky enough to have as family. Just look at some of the amazing gifts we recieved:

My wonderful mother in law made all of this for me, truly beautiful stuff, she's very talented. My favourite is the table weights, aren't they cute?!

From my lovely mum, dad and little brothers we got wii music, some very generous bunnings gift vouchers, along with some personal stuff to each of us (jewellery for me, barbeque apron and recipe book for him) and this ornament for our tree:

I got some cupcake candles from my beautiful sister in law:

(so cute!)
And this tree ornament from my lovely aunty Rosie , which I believe she bought for me from Lilly Cottage , which is a beautiful shop:

So many other things were given by so many wonderful people, we are very lucky.

And before I end this post I must update you on our manger, which is now full and looking very cute.

The shepard looks a lot less lonely now doesn't he?

So goodbye to 2008, it was a great year, and here's to many more. Happy New Years everyone.

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Linda Lilly Cottage at home said...

What lovely gifties you got and I adore the Nativity scene, I saw that one at Ladybug and fell in love with it but it was too hot and I ran out of room and time to get it so I adore seeing your photos. My youngest child was completely devestated one year when we went to a church before Christmas and there was no baby in the Manger, everything else was there but because 'The Baby' didn't arrive until Christmas day, he wasn't ther. On Christmas day that year she bugged us and bugged us to go back and make sure the baby was in the cradle now. So Nativity scenes always have a special place inher heart.
Happy New Year, I am a bit slow and still on Christmas sorry!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage at home.