Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Joy of joys, I'm ready for Christmas!

The tree is trimmed

All of the presents are bought and wrapped

All of my decorations are up (don't have enough for the whole house yet but I'm taking my time in building up my collection, and yes I am very particular, my one of a kind obsession is strong)

Now let me introduce you to the new addition to our decorations, our new nativity scene!

Husband is adding each little figurine as is (roughly) Biblically accurate

So far we have our shepard, a donkey, a cow and a little sheep waiting in our manger. I'll upload photos as our manger fills up. But isn't it lovely? I bought it down at the Old Petrie Town Markets.
I'm so looking forward to the next week or so, especially considering I'll have my lovely husband on holidays until 5th of January, so I am sure we'll...end up doing lots of housework.
Merry Christmas to one and all.


i cant sew said...

hope 'house work' is code for something fun ;0) your tree looks great and the nativity is just perfect! cant wait to see you tomorrow night. big smooches mmmwwwaaahh rosey

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Nata,
I have popped over from Aunty Rosey's. Your Christmas colours work well together and isn't it nice to have something a little bit different.
Hope you have a fabulous Christmas.
Shabby Art Boutique

i cant sew said...

now sweet cheeks, click on kerryannes name in blue to be taken to her profile page and then find her blog page and leave her a message in return. you will soon be making friendships all over the place. xx