Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been tagged!

My lovely aunty Rosie has tagged me, it is my first tagging so bare with me. Aparently I have to put the fourth photo from my fourth photo folder on my blog, and then choose four other people to tag as well. I don't know many bloggers yet so this has been quite a challenge, and so I apologise to the two bloggers I have tagged that don't really know me, but I think your blogs are great, and that everyone who reads this should go and check them out.

So, here are my four selections, made after much deliberation:
1. Linda from Lilly Cottage
2. Melissa (my beautiful mummy) from Everyday Miracles
3. Lucy from Lucy Bloom
4. Agapanthus (my gorgeous aunty) from Mad Cow Moments

Now for my photo:

I can't believe the weirdness that this is the fourth photo in my fourth photo folder. From left to right, we have My mum (tagged person number two), Mama, my great grandmother, me when I was about four I think, and Agapanthus (tagged person number four)! Isn't that weird??? I apologise if the two of you find this photo in any way embarassing, but rules are rules. This is from Christmas day, I don't remember it perfectly but I seem to remember it being a really great day full of laughter, and how can you not laugh when you're wearing one of those silly paper hats?

so there you have it, I was tagged.



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i cant sew said...

well done, i hope you have told the other bloggers that they have been tagged :) great photo i remember laughing my head off at that celebration. if memory serves me correctly mama pulled her hat down and put her glasses over the hat and she might have even put her teeth in upside down. very funny. %*_*% rosey