Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea House, Hair and a new Pretty

I have a new Tea house! no, I don't mean a place where I go and drink tea, I mean this:

Tee hee! I love it, isn't it so cute? You just put your tea leaves inside, and it's got a little chain attached to the top with a hook on the end, so you hook that over the side of your cup and away you go! Mmm...

I haven't had any form of dye in my hair for about 8 years, that is until yesterday! I got highlights put in, blondish ones! Click on the photo for a better look. My husband loves them, I'm still getting used to it though.

You can see them better there. And yes I am taking the photo myself, so it's off-centre. Oh well.

And finally, today I made myself a new pretty! Years ago my mummy went overseas with my aunty, and while she was there she bought me some venician glass in Venice (obviously), and I've been stuck on how to use them for a while, but yesterday I went to my bead supplier and discovered these springy little links, and instantly knew just what to do. so here it is! Apart from the purple bead and the blue love heart the beads are the ones from venice. I bought the other two myself, and have plenty more of them. The rest are one of a kinds though, so I can't replicate this exactly. I could do something like it though.



i cant sew said...

nice hair colour. us bloggers are always taking photos of ourselves or unusual objects!
%*_*% sweet braclet

i cant sew said...

happy birthday for yesterday. we have something special waiting for you. you will have to come over and pick it up some time soon.