Sunday, April 19, 2009

Changes To Come

Well I've redefined this page a few times now, and as yet none have brought in any more readers. I was chatting with the lovely and talented Rosey yesterday about this issue, and she confirmed what had occured to me many times in the past. These days everyone makes jewellery and so who would buy it when they can do it themselves?

Some people are very successful with the jewellery making, but I think you have to have a unique style that people realise they can't replicate for that to actually work. So looking over all of my jewellery, I see it is rather simple and could be done by pretty much anyone once they find themselves a bead shop.

But all is not lost, there is still hope for me and this blog and my sad and unused etsy shop. I do create some stuff that is quite unique and cute that people do show interest in that might be the right way to go. It isn't jewellery perse, but it does involve beads...

I like to make little things. little tiny things. that are cute. Animals, objects, food, little people, all sorts of stuff. Out of wire and beads, out of that coloured moulding clay, all sorts of stuff.

And so my tiny band of dedicated readers, take a good look at this site while you can, because soon it will look very different...


ps- I realise you may be reading this after the changes have already taken place. Oh well. If so, please let me know what you think of the new look.

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i cant sew said...

hello creative chick, yes i think your minis are the way to go. where is your etsy link on this blog?? the other way to get traffic is to constantly leave comments on those other blogs you enjoy. and leave a link on twitter and facebbook when you make an update to your etsy or blog.
was just out at petrie markets on this glorious day and there were heaps of people. our stall items need to be affordable! i had an idea for a stall name.... ~itty bitty~ tag line ~itty bitty items for itty bitty prices~ no pressure to join me but i am going to work towards this at every spare moment i get.
big smooches rosey