Friday, January 9, 2009

Jewellery Making Fun

Noticed the change of title for my blog? No? Well it's different okay.

The reason I started this blog was to have somewhere to showcase my crafty stuff, in particular jewellery and all things beady.

Jewellery is not my best seller, but I do love making it and occasionally come up with a winner, so let me know if you like something. I give people jewellery as gifts a lot, a lot of which I wish I had taken photos of (oh well). But here are the things I've made that are a part of my jewellery collection.
Let's start with my two favourite pairs of earrings:

I call this style 'Darling' in the colour combo 'Denim Rose'. They are part of my favourite set, but unfortunately the necklace got damaged in a vacuuming incident, so I need to re make it. I'll upload a picture when I've fixed it.

These are in the 'Truly' style, in the colour combo called 'Grace'. I haven't made a matching necklace because these are so pretty and delicate that I actually prefer to wear them on their own.

'Sweetie pie' in the colour combo 'champagne kiss'. I have the stuff to make a necklace for this but I haven't made the time to actually do it. The photo doesn't show the colour too well, its a soft pink crystal on the top, a champagne coloured crystal in the middle, and a white pearl at the bottom.

So there are a few items to start with, this is a bit of a to be continued. All of these are made with sterling silver hooks and crimps, and all of the pearls and crystals are swarovski. You may notice that all the earrings in my personal collection have hooks, this is because I like them and I find studs really uncomfortable (I must have fat earlobes), but trust that I can easily make these in studs for you, and in pretty much any colour.

I'll leave you with one of my sets, there are lots but I'm short of time, I'll add the rest another day.

The necklace is in the style of 'Wild Child', and the colour combo is 'Oceania'. The earrings are in 'droplet' style.
To be continued...

x nata.

*since writing this post, I've ditched the cutsey names for my jewellery pieces and colourings. It's too lame and confusing. But I'm leaving this up because the jewellery is nice and I love making it. Jewellery may or may not at any given time (ie, depending on whether I've posted recently or they've sold off), be available on my madeit shop, so check it out if you like what you see.*

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i cant sew said...

wonderful name, wonderful showcase, wonderful artist! one day we will work out how to put an etsy shop up on our blogs!! maybe choo choo can help :)