Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Jewellery

I said I'd put more of the jewellery that I make on, so here it is. If you see anything you like, let me know and I'll get my Etsy shop organised so that you can get 'made to order' jewellery, you can order a certain style in a certain colour combo and everything :D

For a better look just click on the photos.

This set is called "Wish", and here it is in the colour scheme of 'Delight'.

These are in the style 'Diva', and colour scheme 'sparkle'.

The necklace is in 'lady' style, the earrings in the small 'dangly', the colour scheme of both is 'romance'.

Now I bought these earrings from Target, and I loved them but I couldn't find any necklace to go with it, so I made this choker to match. it is czech glass, and beads of the semi precious stone hematite. I really love this one.
If you have any earrings or a necklace that you can't find a match to, I can, so let me know.
This necklace is in the style 'Stellar', the earrings are in 'mini', and the colour scheme 'Magic'. Take a close look at the pendant when you click on it, it is sterling silver wire with a cluster of swarovskis inside.

This Necklace is in the style 'Joy', colour scheme 'party'. It's all swarovski, including the pendant, and I can get the pendant in any colour and match the rest to your liking.

Style is 'dance', colour scheme is 'pretty in'.

Mmm, chocolate...oh sorry. lost my train of thought. Necklace style is 'Float' and the earrings are in 'poise', colour scheme 'Chocolate'.

style is the medium 'dangly', in the colour scheme 'glamour'.

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