Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yes, once again the blog of Renata has shed its skin and come forth in new and brilliant colours!

Though that change is minor in comparison to others. For instance, we say goodbye and thanks for the memories to the name 'Nata's Little Place', and welcome in the new and exciting era of 'Renata Clarke Designs'. A tad more grown-up in looks and name I say.

With a new title comes a new heading picture, a photo of me taken a few years ago with my beloved pink parasole, which I have turned into a silhouette. Better, do we agree? I'm feeling this is a lot more me anyway.

I haven't been paying attention to this blog at all for months. I think the wrong name and the wrong look were throwing me off, and so I was just avoiding the place all together. In these months of ignoring my blog, I have been doing all sorts of crafty things, which I will update you on soon, lots of photos coming. I am intending to start up an etsy shop and begin selling my creations.

So stay tuned folks (assuming I haven't lost you in cyberspace thanks to the new web address :/ ), because this place is finally getting interesting.



nata_says_so said...

Ooh... I've just noticed the day of the last post, May 1 2009?!?!?! Holy cow, it's been almost a year!

ittybittyandpretty said...

dont forget is an aussie dollar shop, better than etsy if you dont want the hassle of conversion for your friends. new blog looks great!!