Friday, May 1, 2009

A Pretty Little Dragonfly...

I am finally putting on my first few creations! I know, I procrastinate.

Making jewellery is so much fun, and has given me such a wide selection of jewellery at relatively little cost, some even tailor made for a particular outfit. However, sometimes while making jewellery my mind would wander and all of a sudden I'd look down to see I'd made something like this...

Wow, where did that come from? Okay it's not as accidental as I'm making it. This isn't so much a miniature of a dragonfly as a life size interpretation of one. I made this about...a few years ago I'd guess, and as you can see I often have it hanging from a piece of fishing line by a window, so that it's wings catch the light. Very pretty and serene.
I've made lots of other things like this over the years, a lot of which I've ended up giving it away because friends/family have spotted it and liked it and so I've given it to them. Butterflies, dragonflies, other winged things, flowers and little tiny men. I have a bunch of bead flowers that I'll post another time and one of the little men as well.
I'll be back shortly to show you another medium I like to make tiny things out of.

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EmCheese said...

A little man? Would his name happen to be Duddits per chance?