Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week Thirty-Two: 100th Blog Post GIVEAWAY!!!

We're here, it's time to start that competition!

If you were watching my Facebook page you might be very eager to see more of the two prizes, as I put up cheeky sneak peaks on there of the two options. Now lets have a good look at them!

OPTION A: Our first option is the first ever of a new quilling venture I'm taking on, there will be more in many colours and designs, but this is your chance at the very first, in a colour scheme I like to call 'Cinderella', as it reminds me of Hillary Duff's lace mask in a Cinderella Story.

The key to making these masks is PATIENCE. Oh, and a cheap plastic mask from a craft shop to use as a mould.

I started at the centre, and did little bits at a time, waiting for sections to dry before adding more. This is essential, you could really end up with a quill-tastrophy if you tried to do it all at once!

Once it was all done I turned it over and gave it a really good coat of pva to really set that shape, at first lying it in the mask to dry for a bit, then once it was semi- hardened I put it back the right way. Next, Glitter glue! Finally, a coat of sealant spray to protect it a bit better from weather, make up and other hazards it might encounter (still, do NOT get it wet future owner! And if you are going to wear it with make up, make sure you use a make up setting spray to reduce the likelihood of staining the inside of the mask.)

I haven't added a stick or ribbon yet as if the winner has chosen this I want them to pick, but I think pre-made ones will be all on sticks and custom orders will get the choice. I really must get my online shop open again...


For those not interested in owning the mask, and perhaps looking for something pretty to place on a wall or bookshelf, perhaps in a nursery....

This sweet little apple tree houses a little blue bird, with a cheery little yellow flower at the base. This would be great in a baby's room, for either gender as it's a nice gender-neutral colour scheme. The frame is white, so it would suit pretty much any home décor.

Such a cheery image. I made the tree trunk much more detailed than I usually do with my trees, using two shades of brown and lots of lines and swirly bits.

I particularly like the idea of this being given to a Mummy-to-be for the nursery. It's such a brightly coloured piece without being over the top or loud.


1: Head over to the Facebook page (link above) and find the 'comment to win' photo of these two lovelies.
2: Comment with either the word 'mask' or the word 'frame' (yes, you have to pick just one)
3: if you want to double your entry, SHARE the photo on your timeline

You've got thirteen days to get those entries in, and then two weeks from now I'll announce the winner! I'll privately contact the winner to arrange delivery and necessary adjustments.

So that's the competition info all sorted and explained, sorry if I spelled it out a bit but I don't want anyone to be confused. Let's just look now at what has been achieved so far in these 100 blog posts...

100th Post Stats

Total Blog views so far- 12, 270

Most Popular Post- Week Seven: Butterfly Husking Technique with 807 views!!!

~ which has been sold - Oh shucks I better make another... It is also the most pinned (see photo below) ~

Facebook followers: 126
Blogger followers: 35
Pinterest Followers: 90

My Favourite Quilling Project so far- Week 29: Imagine...Create!

~Which has now been sold, and its new owner is donating it to decorate the walls of respite home Coolibah House, where I hope it will do the job of inspiring its patrons to make their own wonderful art! Couldn't think of a more perfect place for something special like that to go. I can make more of this one too as I drew an extra of the silhouette and I have all the fonts (the quilling wouldn't be identical though - I'm not a machine!), so if anyone wants to place a custom order with that look it can and will be done.~

Let's see if we can make the next hundred have even better stats!

Next week we'll be turning to the subject of romance once again, and watching as the entries for the competition continue to fly in.

Thank you all, dear readers.


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