Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week Forty-Six: 3D Koala

This week we've got one of my favourite Australian animals, the koala.

He's delightful, wouldn't you say?

This was fun to make and I'm already halfway through another, I want to keep one because they're just so cute.

This project was inspired by a spontaneous meeting I had with a koala a few weeks ago not far from my house. They're a precious animal and we all need to take care of them as they're a threatened species, so please go right now and Google your area's koala rescue service, and put the number in your phone just in case you find a koala in need of help!

I was going to glue his eucalyptus leaves in place, but I like having it so that he can hold it or go without or whatever looks most adorable.

Have I given you enough cuteness yet? Next week I'm going to have to postpone thanks to my uni studies, as my sanity is hanging in there by a threat, but I promise I'll be back with something fantastic.



sowmya mundlur said...

I'm loving d koala u made!!
Can u please share me how to make it...i want to make one for my sons grade 1 school project
This is my email address:
Thank u

Unknown said...

Bonjour pouvez vous également me partager comment faire.mon meilleur ami va déménager le mois prochain dans le.sud (courant mai..) pour vivre avec sa copine .j'ai un lien fort avec lui.l'ayant surnommé koala,j'aimerai le faire en cadeau car je ne risque pas de le revoir tôt. .merci .