Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alice & the Mad Hatter

I've heard buzz about a mad hatter's tea party happening somewhere out in blog land, and I'm not going but it reminded me about something I've been meaning to post here for months.

At the start of the year my beautiful sister in law turned 18, and she had an Alice in Wonderland themed party. I helped out by making decorations for the big event, including making these teabags:

I found the illustrations from an old copy (perhaps even the original illustrations) of the story online, and made 100 tea bags, with an illustration on the front and on the back as you can see was 'drink me'. There were about twenty different tea bag tag designs in all (I still have the printout, but failed to take photos of the rest :p silly me) . Then there's the box:

Now this was cool. I made up the ingredients on the back, put an exerpt from the tea party scene in the book on there and named it 'mad hatter's tea', and I used this to wrap a store bought tea box. Those small rectangle bits were on the front and back sides of the box. THEN...I reversed the whole image, and stuck the backwards versions inside, to make it look like you could see right through the box!!!

I'm quite proud of that part. Must find another theme to do it in just for fun. Winnie the Pooh perhaps? Fairies? Disney characters? Hmm. Must do it again. Would sets like that be worth selling do you think?

So to all the ladies off to a mad tea party, I say have fun!

A very merry un-birthday to you,

("A very merry un-birthday", from Alice in wonderland, of course)


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Nata,
I've just noticed your "how to Quill" tutorials.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Looks very interesting, however I don't think I have enough patience for that.

ittybittyandpretty said...

why not give it a try, maybe start with the alice themed box and gauge attention it gets. put it in you online store too...
not sure if i have told you abouot this blog but once you visit you will be hooked. she is also the host of the mad hatters tea party.
go to a fanciful twist. the link is on my blog if you cant find her.

p.s. do you want to go to a triva night at my girls school on the 17th july. 80's theme $10 a head.

Anonymous said...

thanks heaps for your help for this idea. i am having a mad hatter tea party for my hen's night!!! thanks so much for the ideas and inspiration ...