Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Markets, Quest and I've Madeit!

Well my sales on Sunday the 13th of June didn't go any better than the last one, but I broke even so that is fine. As long as I break even every time I'll be happy. Lots of lovely ladies were admiring but not buying, and lots of them asked if I taught quilling, so perhaps I should be looking to sell 'how to' sheets and starter packs. I'm going to contact a company that sells the quilling tool and see if I can start selling the tools at the markets as well. 

The table looked lovely, I know if I'd been a shopper I definitely would have stopped at our table. Rosey did very well, I'm so happy for my market buddy and I hope our stall becomes more popular with every Sunday that we go.

These vintage bottles for sale in Rosey's half of the store are so so pretty. And this little bag of babushkas are sooooo cute!

One of my gift boxes, which as it turns out, I held up while a photographer from quest newspaper took a photo of Rosey and I! I have my doubts that it will ever actually be in the paper, but if it was that would be super cool and free advertising to boot :) even if it doesn't get in the paper, he took our photo just like he did for lots of other stalls and shops there, which makes me happy to be fitting in and looking like a real market stall, worth photographing.

I think that my low sales may in part be due to my prices, and also in part due to not having a wide enough variety of designs. On our first stall I had lots of flower, dragonfly and butterfly cards sell, so I went home from there and made lots of them, and now thats mainly what I've got, so I think I went too far with it. I'll start work on some new designs as soon as the uni week from hell is over.

 Meanwhile, in my other sales division, I've just sold the framed green butterfly on madeit!!!

It is so beautiful, I'll miss it, but its better to be on display in someone's beautiful home than sitting in a storage box here isn't it. I'll make more and then hopefully find homes for them too :)

You're my satellite,

(today's signoff - Satellite by Guster)


Ann (all things paper) said...

Everything looks pretty and congratulations on selling the butterfly!

ittybittyandpretty said...

and woot woot we were in the paper!!
yes your cards are a huge draw card to our table and it was only a matter of time before that butterfly flew off to a new home. we are learning with each market what sells and what doesnt and what looks good and attracts the customers. maybe you should look add another product like beaded suncatchers or something using that jewellery making skill you have.

yay for the madeit sale!!
smooches rosey

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Nata,
Keep up the good work. It will take a while to establish a stall and what people want.
A little bit of everything sounds like the way to go.

The Schafferius Family said...

Hi Renata,
I am totally besotted by your gorgeous crafts!! The Girls and I will be popping by to see you and the stall sometime soon . . . also, please make more of the framed butterflies, I would love to buy one of those!!!!
Olivia xxoo

nata_says_so said...

Thanks Olivia! I'd love to see you all there some time, it's such a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. I'll be sure to make some more butterflies for sure :)