Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Whale of a Time

No, this isn't about our special market day's theme. Sorry, will post about that in the next couple of days I pinky promise.

I have started work on things for that special market day, but I've also been creating more cards that are not of any specific theme. And I'm afraid I've gone and made something I don't want to give away : (

I will put it on sale, I will be brave and sell it to someone who will give it a good home....and then I'll make myself a copy, probably a framed one rather than a card, and keep that one. Oh the pain of liking the things you are supposed to sell.

Do you want to see what it is?

Is that a yes?

Scroll and behold my friends

Isn't he tooooo cuuuuuute??!!

Oh I love him.

Now, I know that some people may be thinking "what on earth would anyone want with a card with a great big whale on it?" but I have several answers to that. I think it would be a good baby card, or a bon voyage type card, you could write 'have a whale of a time' inside, which could apply to a birthday card or any other happy occasion. I am definitely going to make a couple of him but in frames next, as I think it'd make a great decoration for a nursery.

As the paper has him in different colours I might do that too. The paper in the background is obviously the inspiration there, and I got that from my favourite scrapbooking shop "Paper Addiction", and there was a whole line in this theme and I loved it so much it took forever to pick just one page out of the selection...I might go back and get one or two of the others actually... Yep, I am addicted.

That's just one strip of the page, on the rest of it there are dolphins and starfish and tropical fish, all of which I hope to recreate in quilling! THESE are the sort of projects that I really love to do, it took longer than most of my designs but the result is so worth it. I intend to branch out to all sorts of animals too.

Where there's a will there's a whalebone,

(signoff - Where there's a will there's a whalebone by Islands - not the best song but good title)


ittybittyandpretty said...

why not buy yourself a set of alphabet stamps and stamp that saying on the inside?
it is wonderful

nata_says_so said...

Because there are several options for what it might be given for that I don't want to limit the buyer. If I put 'have a whale of a time', and someone likes it for a baby shower or something it will look like the person is calling the pregnant woman fat!

Besides, I tend to get wonky when I try to use stamps, the letters wouldn't come out in a straight line.

Ann Martin said...

It's really cute! I can understand what you mean about not wanting to part with it, but you'll make more. I can tell. :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Nata,
Oh, very creative.
Love the "Whale of a time" idea!
Happy creating,
PS: My word verification is SPEND
I'm going shopping today. lol