Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beautiful Rejects

Maybe I'm a little rusty at this whole art thing. Or maybe I'm new to this 'art to order' deal and I'm still fine tuning my ear to what people are asking for.

My first attempts at a couple of jobs recently have been things that I thought were lovely and enjoyed making, but they weren't what the 'client' wanted; they didn't suit the asthetic of the project. So I thought I'd share the rejects here to allow them their own day in the sun before they get put away to gather dust on a shelf.

The first one was my first attempt at my first illustration for the second book I'm illustrating. Thinking about it now I see how it really doesn't fit the book, but perhaps it would be the sort of thing that will fit other work in the future. Or maybe I'll just write a book to fit it one day.

The next two are the second and third attempts at a logo I'm making for a fabulous new business that I'm sure I'll be advertising here on my blog one day soon, and I really like these but what we've gone for now is better. These are just first drafts of course, I wasn't going to work at logo quality before I knew I was on the right track!

I'm sure there'll be more beautiful rejects in my future, so this will probably not be the last post of this nature.

The point is I had fun drawing them.


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ittybittyandpretty said...

i love all of your work and i am so happy with the final product that you have created for us. you are so clever, and your talents are endless!