Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest - Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

I may have been the last woman on the planet to join pinterest.

Okay, that's an exaggeration I know plenty of ladies that aren't on pinterest, and to you I say: hold out as long as you can - it's addictive as hell and lands you doing projects that have nothing to do with anything you should be doing. Except maybe dinner.

I've been on it for like a week and already I've pinned like two hundred things, made baby-friendly (ie edible) poster paint, a chicken dinner that put some sort of magic spell on me with its deliciousness, and made this bracelet. What next??

The bracelet had a link that I attempted to follow and it seemed to lead nowhere, so I typed in the link shown on the picture and I still didn't find it, but going by the website I'd say there were no written instructions there anyway. So I made it up.

Here is the link to the original pinterest pin, in case anyone wants to accuse me of not giving due credit:

My bead shop is so awesome I nearly bought enough glass pearls to make like ten of these, but then I caught myself and scaled it back to a healthy two or three. So only like double what I intended to buy. And this is why I don't go there very often.

As you can see I didn't go for the cream and navy look, it's lovely but not really me. I found these cool pale aqua pearls with a pinky shine to them, and found and old bit of pink ribbon in my ribbon box, and voila!

You'll have to excuse the ridiculous nails, I just see so many cool nail designs on pinterest that I felt like joining in, in the most pathetic and non artistic way possible. But they're pretty colours and some how I have had them un-chipped for over 24 hours, which in my world is a small miracle. But this gives you an idea of the size of the bracelet.

The only complication with this bracelet is the fact that you need to tie a bow to do it up, and I managed to do that, but it'd probably look better if you could con someone else to tie it up for you. I suppose you could forego this issue by making it have a normal, easy clasp, but I really liked the whole pretty bow thing. Too cute.

The other beads I've bought are lovely, some of them handpainted (by NOT ME, someone much cleverer than me), and if that one turns out well I'll sneak back to show you that one too. And if anyone needs instructions beyond looking at the pinterest thing and my pictures, just ask and I'll do a 'how to' post as well.




kathy1975thom said...

I like it! Might just have to try this myself.

nata_says_so said...

Cool :) If you need any further instruction just ask!

One tip - work with a thin needle, or check that your beads have a wide enough hole to fit the needle through. Currently making the second one, and as pretty as the handpainted beads are, they are a tight squeeze on my needle. Going to re-start with a much thinner needle before I crack one.

kathy1975thom said...

Thanks, those tips make a lot of sense. I'll be modifying the "pattern" a tad to include a clasp and some tiger tail, but I definitely like the idea and look of the ribbon.

nata_says_so said...

tiger tail might be difficult as it's not sharp enough to use instead of a needle, but would become too thick to go through the ribbon when bent through a needle.

I know this because I briefly considered doing the same.

Let me know how you go!

ittybittyandpretty said...

sweet! i havent looked at pinterest yet... is it easy to navigate? and i am scared i will lose myself there too...

nata_says_so said...

You'd love it Rosey, full of beautiful things and great ideas. It took me a couple of days to figure it all out but once you've got the hang of it it's easy and addictive. Matt's happy I've joined just for the recipes I've tried so far. He loves these bracelets too, and even read my blog for once!

I'd be happy to give you a pinterest tutorial some time if you like.