Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fairy Magic Two - Adventures in Lilac Hollow

One day the fairies of Lilac Hollow were very lucky to have some visitors!

She of the not-so-green thumb introduced some friends to the fairies, and these friends brought the fairies some gifts.
...some beautifully scented lavender...

...umbrellas for the fairies to use when it rains...

...and some beautiful purple baby's breath. These gifts were all very much appreciated and enjoyed by the fairies, but the baby's breath was their favourite. She of the not-so-green thumb was relieved to see this gift, as she knew it would keep her fairies out of trouble!

You see, in another part of the garden is a large plant full of little purple flowers, and the fairies loved to go and pick them.

However, in that garden was the home of a grumpy old Goblin who didn't like it when the fairies took his flowers, and he'd chase after them with a stick!

But with their own plant of tiny purple flowers the cheeky fairies won't need to take the goblin's flowers anymore.

The End.

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ittybittyandpretty said...

how did i know to bring purple flowers?? why the fairies told me of course ~_~ love lilac hollow and love the photos. xx