Friday, August 10, 2012

Fairy Magic!

Once upon a time there was a woman with a big garden but a not-so-green thumb, and she did the bare minimum to make sure her house didn't look like it was inhabited by cave-people, but otherwise ignored her greenery.

...But then one night, a brave fairy snuck into her house and came to her while she was asleep, and whispered a request in her ear. The fairy needed a new and beautiful place to live, and so did lots of her friends. They needed protection from dogs and lawnmowers and other people, but most of all from the goblins that live in the area.

And so,the following day she of the not-so-green thumb ventured out to her garden and searched for the right spot for such a haven. She took time collecting all the plants and things needed for the fairy garden, and spent hours digging and pulling out tree roots and rocks and putting in fresh soil and compost, and then she planted all the flowers she had collected, with the help of her assistant gardener Hilde.


She wondered what this little fairy village should be called...Lilac Hollow was the name chosen.

Then, only a day or two later, she was watering the garden when she spotted a tiny purple flower springing from a white flowered plant! She was surprised, but took this to be a message from the fairies that they liked the name.

After laying down a fresh bed of mulch and some little pebbles for the fairies to find their way, it was the fairies' time to set to work, creating a sign and a little house for them to sleep in when it is too cold to sleep on the flowers.

They were given a gift of some magical elf glue by a friendly family of elves that live near by, and some sticks by the pixies that live in the not-so-green thumb's front garden. Before long they had a cosy dwelling to sleep in, with room for plenty more, and even a bigger door than they needed in case the pixies (who are quite a bit taller) or other friends ever feel like visiting.

Finally they were all settled in to their new home, and look forward to caring for the garden and watching their beautiful flowers grow.

The End.


ittybittyandpretty said...

love!! love the name love the space love the house love love love!
i bought you something today and thought i might be able to bring the girls for a visit on show holiday monday...if you havent much planned that is. perhaps a short visit in between nates sleeps.

Kathy Thompson said...

Wonderful! Beautiful creation and excellent telling of the story! Love it x1000

nata_says_so said...

Ooh yes, that would be lovely Rosey, we'd love to have you! I don't have any plans for Monday, so yay! Nate likes to take one nap on days we don't go out, from about 11:30am, so before that would be great, or you could come in the afternoon at like 3.