Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week Forty-Nine: Rose Pattern Card

This week I've taken a different approach to roses than my usual 3D quilled roses.

And it's a pleasant vintagey sort of look. I love it.
The way I made it I ended up with it all solidly attached without being a part of the card yet. It was very cute as a sort of doily on our table.

These took a lot of paper and time. I used three shades of pink and two shades of green.

It's wonderfully pink, soft and elegant.

Next week I'm going to get started on Christmas fun early to get a few Christmas themed projects into the end of my quilling challenge. Only three projects left!! I've got far more ideas than that though, it won't be the end, I'll just perhaps not be quite as reliable with my posting. Unless asked nicely.


1 comment:

ManuK said...

I really like the way they look on their own, not glued on to anything! Makes me think of crochet roses :)

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Christmas!

Happy Quilling!