Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Milestone

I've sold my first card online on Madeit.com.au!!!

The Dragonfly Card!

Dragonflies and butterflies seem to be my area of expertise, so I think I'll be making more like them. Having sold 18 items now (yes, that's right, my lucky number again), I feel quite giddy. I think I'll celebrate by making more cards :)

I'm also going to make some gift tags to sell in sets at the next market that we go to. Stay tuned to the How To Quill series, I'm going to make part two today and probably post it tonight or tomorrow. I've also been given a tip on a good way to display my beautiful cards and I'll be making that soon too, so lots more posting to come this week.

I think I need to have a cup of tea to calm myself down.


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