Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilling, Boxes, Cards and an Awkward Photo Shoot

Who would have thought that making a 'how to' photo collection would be so complex?

Well, if you are smart you'd know that before you even started. I was not that smart, and breezed into yesterday afternoon's task like it was going to be a quick and easy job. Until...

It takes two hands to quill. And another pair to take photos. I am one person. With only one pair of hands. Hmm. I really am bad at maths.

Well, it wasn't easy, but it's done now, it involved a lot of one handed posing and I've finally found a way for my ample chest to come in handy. They really give a view from my own eyes, like a day in the life of Renata the Quilling Maniac. Click on the link above and learn my friends!

In other news, I've made some more cards and done a bit more work on the boxes I posted about yesterday, here's a look:

I've given backgrounds to about twenty cards, and now I'm working through them, quilling as fast as my little hands (and study schedule) can manage. I've finished five so far and am half way through a sixth.

Another happy flower

A flutterby with happy flowers (in the style of the background)

And a vine with pretty blue and white flowers. I'll take pics of the other three once the sixth one is finished.
And Now onto the boxes. I've covered the outside of three of the five, I still haven't found the right paper for the other two yet.

I love all three, but the one on the right is my favourite, it just looks so happy. I've still got to put the quilled roses and such on the tops of the lids obviously.

The light blue has a subtle floral paper, for an elegently understated look.

I expected this to be my favourite, and I do love it, it's fancy and feminine, but some how the next one just makes me happy...

Maybe it's the spots, or maybe it's all the colour, I don't know. I just love it.

What do you think? Or should I save that question for after I've added the fancies to the top? Probably. Anyway, time to go and write the part two page.

Don't worry, Be happy,


ittybittyandpretty said...

i love them all and they will look even better with their fancy tops. hope your link is working..before i fixed my mink i was taken to your old blog where it isnt updated...

nata_says_so said...

Ah, thank you. I have sent emails to all of the other old followers to let them know.


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Nata,
Well done on all these pretty cards, lovely to see work in progress!
Happy creating,