Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Shop is Open Again! And Markets!

That's right, I'm back so the shop is open again! Yay!

RenataClarkeDesigns on madeit

And tomorrow I will be there, at the Petrie Markets, in person, selling lots of the goodies that you've seen here on my blog. I will be taking a camera and give you a detailed report of my sales achievements when the day is done. If however you can't wait that long and are in the Brisbane area, come along! It's a beautiful property, full of lovely stalls with all sorts of goodies, and I'm sure that if you want something for you, or a loved one, say, your mother *hint hint*, there would be plenty of options for anything from a gift to a card to give her, even at my very own stall with my very own Rosey.

Here's some info on the markets and what else you can see there :)

Old Petrie Town Markets |

Mother's Day is a week from tomorrow everybody, now what more would your dear mother want than a handmade item from a market, hand-picked by you? Plus you get a great day out out of it.

So please, I beg you, come and support the co-mingling of Renata Clarke Designs & Itty Bitty & Pretty!!!



Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Renata,
I hope you're having heaps of fun and selling everything at the market.
To answer your question-I use Acrylics mainly, Chroma products, Jo Sonja Paints and mediums and when when I use Oils, I use Atelier brand. I mainly use oils for glazing over the top of the acrylics.

nata_says_so said...

Oh, yes a lot of your work looks acrylic, they're so strong and vibrant, just beautiful. I mainly use watercolours when I paint, but acrylics every now and then. I don't let myself anywhere near oils, disasters seem to happen when I get near those :S

Thanks for answering :D