Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shop Treasures: Through the Eyes of a Little Girl

While we were setting up our shop, a little girl kept my husband on his toes :D

Rosey's youngest girl, the adorable, inexhaustable Claudia.

Before we went home from the day I gave her a little lesson in photography; here is our shop through her eyes.

Pretty good, don't you think?

I say there's another artist in the family :)



Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh so cute! I love these photos and the photos in the previous post, it all looks so beautiful!
Sooooo exciting!
How very special!
Kiss Noises Linda

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Nata,
Looks and sounds like everything is falling into place for you lovely ladies!
Fantasic, I wish you all the best of fun and sales.

ittybittyandpretty said...

well she really did capture the feel of the shop...
p.s. love our choo choo even more than before, he is so good to his little claudia.