Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week Nineteen: Easter Eggs

It's our second week of Easter fun!

Easter eggs are great to eat and look lovely, and they're all symbolic and stuff, so I thought I'd make a simple Easter egg design.

I've seen several quilled egg designs, all lovely and in varied colours and forms, so this is clearly a popular subject for quilling.

I decided to have them resting on a bed of 'hay' like they're in a nest or something rather than a basket as I wanted them to be the focus and I thought a basket might overwhelm them a bit.

There are three cards, but I'm only adding one to my stock, the other two are going to family this Easter.

I cut the egg shapes out of coloured A4 paper, then framed them and decorated them, and I think it has a nice effect that makes it not too busy and very cheery.
^ the egg on the left here with the colourful leaf pattern is my favourite

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend full of Easter celebrations with your loved ones.

Next week we're leaving Easter behind and going for a popular subject of all forms of art.


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