Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Twenty-Two: Balloon House

I love the movie Up, and I know most people who have seen it say the same. I have often thought about the image of the house being lifted by balloons as a great metaphor for so many moments in life, so I decided I would make a house flying by balloons on a card.

I didn't want to copy the house in the movie, I just wanted a simple little cottage-type building that could represent any house.

This image works for so many different occasions that you might give a card, farewell or bon voyage, good luck, thank you ("you lift my spirits" might be something you'd write inside) or even congratulations would work in the right circumstances. It's a versatile image, perfect for card making.

This took a lot of paper. Way more than I expected. The balloon cluster just kept growing, sooo many balloons to make it look 'right' to me.

I like this because it's simple, cheerful and bursting with colour, which is the name of the game for me at the moment. I'm in a colourful mood.

Now if you're in the Brisbane, Australia region and are wanting to learn quilling in a hands on way, or even if you just want to come see my work in person, or love a good craft market, then take a look at this:

I will be selling all the pretties I've made lately, and teaching quilling to those interested in giving it a go! I'd love visitors so if you're in the area stop by for some fun.

Next week's project is very colourful and would be an excellent swimmer...and may already be sold before you even get to see it.



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