Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week Thirteen: Love is in The Air: Part I

I have so much to say this week that I've split it into two posts, I don't want to overwhelm anyone!

I changed my mind on this week's project. The whole 3D bunch of flowers thing just didn't grab me, I wasn't inspired, and it's probably been done by every quiller there is, so I'll hold off on that one until I have a real vision for the piece.

Instead, inspiration came from two places: My 11 year dateiversary/Valentines Day, and my son's obsession with the alphabet.

The first part explains itself, right? He asked me out ll years ago on the 13th of Feb (and this is our thirteenth week of quilling! Didn't do it on purpose, just a cool coincidence).

The second part is an inspiration because my son found my calligraphy/lettering book in the bookshelf and now insists on having me read the alphabet to him in various designs (not complaining, I love reading to him), and so staring at all this lettering inspired me to include some on the designs this week.

I hope that is an obvious message. Please tell me if you don't get it.

Again, if you don't get it let me know, I can always pen in the missing word!

I also received an order of quilling tools this week, so the second post will show you those and the things I've made with them so far!

I'll leave you with a look at what my lovely husband bought me for our dateiversary...

There are 11 of them :)
On to part II!

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