Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week Fifteen: Goddess

Years ago, when I had only been quilling for a few months I made a card with a girls face in profile. I did it on a black card, and she just had simple curly hair that was rainbow coloured using two tone quilling paper (side note, two tone quilling paper is hard to find these days!). I thought I'd reprise this sort of design but update it with my new skills and add in a bit of a theme.

For some reason, we'll call it inspiration, I decided she should be entirely made of shades of purple and teal, and the whole 'Goddess' idea just came to me as I went. I put all sorts of fun shapes through her hair; my favourite is the feather.

I love her little grin and her cute nose - it reminds me of Samantha from Bewitched. I imagine this goddess could twitch her nose and make a cool breeze blow or the moon shine brighter.

..maybe she's my muse...

As we're headed for Autumn, next week's project is going to celebrate that!



Weezy said...

Just stunning!! You are so talented!!

a paper {life} said...

love your quilled 'bewitched' girl....I totally see the resemblance in the nose.

nata_says_so said...

Thanks Cheryl, I'm glad someone else can see it!

I popped over and had a look at your blog, and I just love your little sheep!!