Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week Thirteen: Love is in The Air - Part II

I got a package in the mail at the start of the week, with some new quilling tools, and I was so excited I had to use them right away. Can you guess what one of them is from this happy little sun?

Top left: needle nosed glue bottle (with a flower pin stuck in the top because I'm silly)
Top Right: a basic flower punch (to make flower quilling nice and fast for me, I have no time for cutting petals by hand right now!)
Bottom: A crimper!
Yes, the crimper was what I used when making the sun. I love the needle nosed glue bottle, it cuts out the need for puddles of glue everywhere and almost completely negates the use of toothpicks, so it is excellent. I'm finally doing it the modern way!
Do you get this one? The cards this week have all been silly/cute puns or riddles, I did the super romantic one last week, these are supposed to make you smile. Maybe something you'd give to a friend or loved one, or to someone with a love of puns or general silliness.
The last one isn't for love, though there's some of that in it I'm sure, I had an idea for a get well soon card and it involved the use of my new flower punch so I thought I'd throw it in to this one.


 I just thought it was sweet, and if someone gave it to me when I was sick it would make me smile and feel a little better.

I hope your week has been lovely and full of love in all its forms.


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