Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week Twenty-Four: Water Fountain

I finished it! Yippee!

This week's project is the one I was making while at the markets, before my many students came to learn quilling. I'm a couple of days later than usual, I apologise, but I've been swamped with uni studies. It's getting to that really unpleasant half of the semester.

I decided to keep it fairly simple, and just filled in the fountain. I did toy with filling in the bushes, but I found that detracted the focus of the card and made it look too busy.

I'm loving the movement of water. It's given me an idea for another project actually, but it won't be for a while because I like all the ideas for the next few weeks too much :)

We have a painting in the hallway of our house of a fountain, it was painted by my husband's grandmother, and it's lovely. I'm guessing it seeped into my subconscious and that's where the idea for this one came from. Or water is pretty.
I've been working on next week's project today, and it's very complicated but booooy is it going to be adorable.

Have a good week!


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