Monday, May 20, 2013

Week Twenty-Seven: Two!

This week my son will be turning two years old, so this week's project was to make two two cards!

One is blue and green and probably suited to a boy, but I didn't want to show a bias and ignore all the beautiful two year old girls out there, so the second is pink and purple.

To make these numbers I printed off a flipped number two, and used the husking technique again, but with some modifications. I used dress pins instead of berry pins, so that the heads of the pins wouldn't get in the way...

I loved the simple design of this balloon card. I once the balloons where in place I decided to just add a layer of crimped blue paper inside the two, and then it just looked perfect to me.


 I love it. It just makes me smile.

I almost made the girl's one the same design as the boy's one, but I wanted a bit more variety so I went full on girly with it.

Ruffles and polka dots...

Pink crimped rainbow, a flower and a love heart. Could it be girlier? I don't think so. I love the bright colours of both.

Next week we're moving reluctantly on from the theme that is my wonderful boy and all things baby, and celebrate the changing of seasons!


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