Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week Eleven: 3D Hello Kitty Figurine

This week's project was a gift for my lovely sister in law Weez's 21st Birthday.

It was hard to pick what figurine to make, but I decided on Hello Kitty!

She actually wasn't nearly as hard to make as I had expected. I found that the head shape was the trickiest part, but once that was right it all just worked. I put her in what I understand to be her classic outfit, though during my research I found that she has quite an extensive wardrobe!

I forgot to measure her, but I'd estimate she'd be about 8cms tall. I think she's just cute as a button.

I had so much fun making this, I think 3D quilling might be my new obsession! There are so many things I could make in 3D that I'm having trouble picking what to do next!

Later this week I'll post about something (not quilling)) that I made, and then next week we're preparing for Valentines Day!


ps - as you know I am not the creator of Hello Kitty, and I would just like to be respectful to the creators by providing the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Hello Kitty is copyrighted to Sanrio, I take no credit for the design of this character or any likeness of her. I will not take any compensation for this piece of fan art or any future productions made of this character. All credit of the Hello Kitty design and brand belongs to Sanrio.

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