Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week Nine: Tulips

Yesterday I announced the winner of my facebook fan page giveaway on my facebook page, and I've already sent it off on its way to the winner. I'll be doing another giveaway later in the year when I do my 100th blog post, so if you missed out this time you might be the lucky one that time. It'll be a one click entry that time, two clicks seems to have been a bit too complicated for some people. I'm learning, I'm learning.

This week's project is focused on my favourite flower, the tulip.


I really enjoyed making this card, so I thought I'd make a few mini gift cards too, and I figured that seeing as this quilling challenge is supposed to be to build a stockpile of items for the next time I do a market stall, I should occasionally make more than one of something to make up for all the times I give one of the projects away to special people in my one a couple of weeks from now...ahem.

If you ever see a quilled project that you would like to buy on here, please contact me, you absolutely can buy them from me, I'll just have to make another one to add to my market stock!

I don't have envelopes of the right size for the little ones, so I've punched a hole and added some string so that they can be added to a gift much like you would with a little gift tag. I liked these simple little cards, I might do this whole making mini versions of a card thing again in the future.

The main card has two layers of flowers, and thanks to my new expandable envelopes that won't cause any problems!

These cards are just like their subject; simple and elegant.

Next week we'll be celebrating Australia Day!


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ittybittyandpretty said...

these are so sweet. they are a gift as well as a card! xxrosey