Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Facebook Fan 100 Likers Giveaway!

Surprise, it's finally time for a giveaway!

Well, not quite. I haven't quite hit the 100 likers mark, but as a favourite tv quote of mine goes, I tried being patient but it took too long.

I've made a blue version of the butterfly I did last week (well, a bit different actually, but a butterfly using the husking technique), and if you like my facebook page and the giveaway picture, you could win it!

Here's some pics of it being made...

I decided this one belonged resting on a nice big it is being propped up by the frame of my glasses while the glue dried   :)

And here's the finished card that could be yours!

this is the exact photo you'll find on the Facebook page.

So, now we just have to wait for the facebook page to hit the 100 likers mark, and then you'll all have five more days to 'like' the photo of the blue butterfly, and then I'll draw the winner out of an umbrella (for reasons that should be clear to you all) and then I'll announce the winner! Remember, if you want to win it you have to 'like' the page AND the picture of the butterfly that will be marked 'GIVEAWAY!'

Good luck!


ps - stay tuned for this week's project!

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